What is NTai?

What is NTai, and what does it do?

What is NTai?

The layman explanation

When you play a game against the computer, your playing against an AI written by someone to play against you. NTai is such an AI, written for RTS games. RTS games are similar to war games, where you are a god/general/commander who commands an army, and constructs a base, e.g. Starcraft, Command and Conquer, or Supreme Commander, only for a more complex RTS engine inspired by Total Annihilation.

NTai thus decides what units and attackers to build, where to build them, where to attack you, etc. Without an AI, the enemy would do very little, your starting units would not move or build things, all it would do is fire on passing units.

The Technical Explanation

NTai is a C++ Skirmish AI written for RTS games implemented using the Spring Engine.

About NTai

Started in 2005, I built NTai initially to solve the problem of there being no AIs for the spring engine and its games. I was beaten in timing by JCAI by 2 days, but I persisted. For a longtime I developed my AI competitively alongside other AI developers, vying to make my AI harder to beat than the others.

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