Starwars Design Competition

A while back in 2007. The Star wars Imperial Winter group started a competition to design the starting unit for the imperial faction. I provided 3 entries continuing from each other. I sketched them on paper, scanned them in, and finally cleaned up and improved the sketches using photo shop.

Design 1

The Star wars team indicated that the unit should be a structure, and most likely dropped from orbit (though not a necessary requirement ). So I envisaged a large drop capsule to be dropped from a star destroyer that deployed on landing. Here is the concept I came up with:


Design 2

Looking at design 2 the team gave some criticisms such as where would weaponry go, and the prospect that the imperial unit may be upgraded and could even become a mobile unit. In light of this I designed a much larger more detailed structure.

design 2 page1

As you can see, the structure is deployed as 3 shards from orbit which smash into the ground in formation. A central component deploys joining up the shards and acting as a central hub and a construction bay building things underneath it. The structure could be upgraded allowing a joint armature within the shard components to repurpose them as legs, enabling the structure to walk around as a tripod.

Further changes were made to allow for 3 heavy weapons turrets to be hidden in bays at the top of the shards that would open up to reveal the weapons when attacked.

design 2 page2

Design 3

Unsatisfied with design 2 I embarked upon designing a more detailed version. This new version is both larger and more in keeping with the style requested. It has double the number of weapons, as well as 3 repair pads on top.

design 3 page1a

A more detailed central hub with chunkier joints, and a larger communications array was included in the design. The hub was changed to give the appearance that it too could come from orbit, only it would be able to halt its descent and hover to couple with the other 3 3 page2

More details of the animation sequences are included in the sketches of design 3 than in design 2 which was one criticism levied by the Star Wars Team.

design 3 page3


In the end a rival entrant was chosen, which looked akin to a fort.

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