XTA Fusion Reactors

A while back I designed and implemented a set of ideas for replacements of the 3 fusion reactor units in XTA.

As an XTA player, I was looking at the Fusion reactor models for core, and noticed how they revolved around a small ball, with very few polygons. I thought about how I would revise this concept further into something more pleasing to the eye.

So I envisaged that the ball would be removed, and instead be replaced by a fusion reaction contained by pylons. As you can see below, I modified the fusion reactor to accommodate a particle effect in the center. I also made 2 completely new units to replace the cloakable fusion reactor and the mini fusion reactor. Both units are currently in use in XTA.

I used wings3d to build the 2 fusion reactor models. I also UV Mapped and retextured the original fusion reactor. Since I did this, other TA mods have taken the concept for themselves. For example, the orb in CA was replaced with a shimmering glowing blue ball complete with gpu shaders.

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