Shortly after Slurbot was introduced, a new channel appeared which became rather popular. The channel was called #vulgar and had a small but primitive bot that enforced the rules. There was only one rule, and it said: All messages must contain a swear word.

The bot that enforced this rule however used a hardcoded list of vulgarities, which was also small. The checking could also be circumvented using action messages (/me IRC style commands). In order to aid the channel operator and prove the flexibility of slurbot, I proceeded to reverse slurbots logic to mute those who did not swear and named the new bot Obscene.

What Happened?

It seems the channel Operator was not interested in a better bot, and proceeded to develop the existing bot as a way of learning to program. In light of this, development of Obscene ceased as there was no demand, and competing would have been both immoral and pointless. Instead, work continued on slurbot and banbot.

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