Having introduced Banbot, a request was put out by the moderators of the lobby that it would be useful if they had a bot that would notify them of slurs in the #main channel that held the most users.

Vulgar phrases would be automatically logged and dealt with if mentioned in the channel, which was intended to be PG 13 or below yet featured unruly users who would discuss graphic sexual stories and post links to shock images.

To meet this need SlurBot was created. Using the Banbot code base, the banning functionality was replaced with code that maintained a list of banned words rather than user names. When a user uttered one of these words they would be muted for a predetermined amount of time, thus discouraging further use of bad language.

What Happened?

Despite implementing and testing slurbot the bot was not used by the moderation team. Little if any response was gathered by the moderators despite being made aware of the bot. An instance of the bot was set up using the []Slurbot account and just like banbot, the bot was introduced on my website and advertised along with a download link and instructions on how to use the bot. A similar pattern to banbot emerged as channels gave operator status to slurbot. The number of channels willing to accept slurbot however was low as many channel operators used swear words and did not want obscenities banned in their channels.

Once again just as banbot found its downfall in the #k channel, so did slurbot. Tsuyosa, having had her fill abusing banbot decided to start adding common words to slurbot such as ‘and’ or usernames of other channels. At this time other channel members were already reeling from being banned by tsuyosa and her abuse of banbot, and now had to contend with being muted whenever they said anything and being told not to swear by slurbot. Slurbots popularity nosedived and the []Slurbot account was consigned to my own channels.

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