Postman Pat

A University coursework inolving the drawing of a 2d car and various other demonstrations of Open GL

Using the stuff I tested out in the GLTrans program, I created an OO version for an interactive graphics coursework. The coursework specification said to draw cars amongst other things, so I chose the postman pat theme.


  • Day and night cycles
  • Car headlights turning on and off in sync with the day/night cycle
  • Sun and moon cycles
  • Use of display lists, stencil buffers, alpha blending and texturing
  • Use of glpng to load png images
  • Use of Windows MCI APIs for background music

How was it made?

The whole program was composed of 3 class types, one for the car, a generic texture drawing class, and the main class that held all the program logic. You can this below in the following uml diagram created in netbeans:


Later an additional class was added to allow the postman pat theme to be played in the background.

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