Dokuwiki Portfolio

Portfolio mark I, this dokuwiki install contained details of all my projects, and was built during my first year of university.

Originally I thought a wiki would be a good place to put my portfolio, and I was familiar with dokuwiki and decided to use it. I could have used mediawiki, but dokuwiki was faster and could be moved around on a usb drive since it has a flatfile storage system. I modified the default theme heavily, resulting in the dark theme shown above, with a white page in the centre.

I restructured the portfolio several times, but in the end it was doomed to retirement. By the time I was looking for Industry Placement jobs for my degree, I had deemed the wiki as insufficient. It was out of date, and it did not fit the requirements of a graphics and web design portfolio.

For this reason, the dokuwiki portfolio was frozen in time, and work began on an experimental wordpress portfolio site. That site turned out well, however rather than fill the pages with content I decided to port the improvements into the main website and integrate my portfolio.

The dokuwiki portfolio can be found here, though it is out of date in many places.

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