AFLobby Progress Report

With the recent suicide of my Vista install and the great exodus to ubuntu, I’ve finally gotten some AFLobby work done. The shift from MS Vista aero to Ubuntu gnome has thrown up a mass of minor UI layout errors I’ve never noticed before, so I’ve been fixing.

So aside from a bug that prevented battles being removed from the battle list, invisible divider controls, and misaligned buttons, I’ve made a number of small but useful improvements. Some fonts have been changed so that they’re more consistent with the OS theme, and a lot of controls have been tweaked to have proper spaces around them making it all look that much better in Ubuntu. I’ve yet to see the changes in Windows but I’d expect them to look just as good.

New features include a surprise me button, as requested in the spring forums, thanks go to lurker for helping with pseudo code. Player lists in channels now show how many players are present, and the number of hosted battles is shown too. The battle list also abbreviates common names now, e.g. Balanced Annihilation changes to BA. Improved support for meltrax’s ladder integration, and a slew of optimizations and minor tweaks


As you can see the main window is no longer undecorated, and the custom title bars have been removed. The main splash screen, login, and login progress screens have all been changed to use the default colours to match the new style, as well as various tweaks and changes, such as a “Progress” title amongst other things.

As always, propose as many small features as you can. I like nothing better than to do something useful but small in a minute or two.

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