Various Site Improvements

Some of you may have noticed I’ve been modifying this website in the last week. An all round improvement I’m sure! High on the list of improvements are the following:

  1. Fixes for CSS3 affecting Firefox 3, Safari, and safari for iPod.
  2. IPod Safari header fixes, the site should now have a set size when viewed on an iPhone or iPod Touch.
  3. CSS layout fixes, the side menu now floats inside the main page content container allowing full width text display below the menu.
  4. The side menus have been removed from the download and portfolio sub sites.
  5. The about me page has been updated including new headings and extra information such as the much fabled “What’s AF” question.
  6. A new header image using the micro gamma bold extended font.
  7. Google Analytics scripts all moved to the new tracking code.
  8. Minor fixes to the download site scripts and an improved uploader
  9. A captcha has been added to the wiki on the download site and Recaptcha has been integrated into it. Anonymous edits should be available soon.
  10. Cleanup on misplaced files in the download site.
  11. Word press updated to V2.5+ with gravatars added to the template theme
  12. A share this button now replaces the ‘social bookmarks’ plug-in now, which uses the universal bookmarking icon and some nifty java script.
  13. A thinner side menu and removal of the recent posts box.

In other news Traffic is up! I’d also like some feedback on whether to move the side menu from the left hand side to the right hand side.

One reply on “Various Site Improvements”

I liked the recent post in the menu since it allowed me to check on the recent posts quickly, without having to start at the top and press previous post a few times (or go to the archive).

When i visit here to check for new posts, i also like to check on new comments in recent posts i find interesting.

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