Star Trek Lavatorials

There’s one thing you never see on star trek. Episodes of voyager and enterprise may hint at them, but the toilet is never shown. Some may question wether these space age people even have the need to relieve themselves of waste products, but alas! I have the answer!!!

One may notice when looking carefully that star trek does indeed have toilets! If one looks carefully at the schematics for the various enterprise ships one may find toilets:

However looking through the schematics for each deck of the enterprise A, one cant help but notice that the vessel is unequipped to handle the toiletry needs of 1000+ people.

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Since the 80’s the U.S. has built toilets that don’t flush well to conserve water. The rich get used toilets with good sized water containers or pressure assisted ones.

So, it has already started. The decline of good toilets. Just look at the space station. They need to fix theirs once a month.

also notice that the toilet is right next to the food processor unit that create food (right?)… maybe those things doesn’t create food out of thin air after all…

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