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Ball Mech

Lately I’ve needed a break or two, and Ive done many things, such as the front page re-layout of this site, but I saw a thread on smoths forums by foreboding angel about mecha designs. So I got drawing ^_^

By mech I mean giant robot war machine. As you can see those things on the side are guns, and those at the bottom are legs. Imagine 200 or more of these walking along firing weapons and blowing up tanks and buildings, generally burning and pillaging everything in sight.

That circle in the middle would be the central eye in the middle of the ball like central body. The ball can swivel around a little and those guns and legs are attached to panels which are held onto the surface of the ball but arent directly connected. Magnetics or anti gravity or some other force of nature would hold them in place.

I tried to draw more concepts on the same sheet of paper, but sadly, none were as good as this one. However Ill try and make more when I’ve got a little time to draw.

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