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Dragon45… SUPERSTAR!!

Dragons and kitty kats =p

Some of you will have noticed the vast increase in feline representation on the spring forums. Here, take a look at astrocat!

Dragon, providing entertainment for the masses, has come upon a brand new means of entertaining people. By taking the existing art of lol cats, he has perfected the art to its maximum and produced, lolcatspam. This ingenious means of titillating the forum browsers has brought upon us a golden age of feline intuition!

Here are some of the best:

As usual the forum goers have their own opinions. Gizmo wrote:

Gizmo says (13:38):
dunno what that is

Far out Dragon are you trying to go out with a bang or something? basically every thread ive read has a stupid troll image from you in the last 24 hours.

Trademark had a more simple explanation:

what do you think of the lolcat spam from dragon45?
T.M. says (13:40):

Well its clear, everyone loves dragon45!


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