Quick Update

A quick udpate on what I’ve been up to and how things are going!

Job & Moving Flat

I’m currently working as a Web Developer at QuadroNation, and moving flat, which has taken up quite a lot of my time the last few months. I now have keys and a move in date! So the disruption should lessen soon and I can get back to work on my projects.


Work on .32 is going slowly. I have made improvements and fixes for fringe cases, but I have made no release due to a handful of problems that I’ve found in new games with the new code. Suffice to say I am behind schedule!

This Website

Since my last blogpost on Darkstars development, Ive made quite a few changes. However I’ve decided that I need a site attributable to me by name, one that doesn’t have people scratching their heads figuring out how to spell my email address. So I’ve been working on a second site to showcase me as a Web Developer, which is coming along nicely. I’ll then backport the changes into


Others will have noticed a lot of changes to the Stamper tool, from PNG images, to improved quality and multiple logo support! Go check it out here.

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