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Spring Server Move

Licho, having tired of his internet fridge, has moved to a more powerful machine.

It appears the spring community is now hosted on a very expensive customised espresso machine:

Asked about the new machines specification, the owner, Licho had this to say:

15:36:39] <Licho[0K]> yeah something like that .. its 24gb server in roubaix france ..
[15:37:09] <AF> is it noisy when it's at work?
[15:37:31] <Licho[0K]> most likely yeah, it has ordinary disk and fans
[15:37:47] <AF> aha a custom build ^_^

Previous servers include Fnordias much lauded media TV, and its replacement, the infamous internet enabled fridge. We asked numerous community members their opinion on the output of the new espresso machine:

[15:54:34] <[LCC]KingRaptor[0K]> things seem a bit smoother (may be placebo-like effect)

Rival bidder for the new machine tender  Paro Robots U.S. Inc. is said to be angry at the revelation.  Paro Robots had proposed the internet enabled cuddly seal:

Upon light of the rejection, rumours of an impending army of angry Japanese investors displaced rumours of the impending army of Atari litigators. The community is expected to return to Atari fear-mongering in the near future.

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