Realtime Strategy Spring

Fibre 1.0

An arguement was brewing over spring mods and the chain and ball that was the OTA resource model. Some declared the OTA resource model as holding back all mods in the spring engine, whereas some thought that this was nonsense.

But one man set out to prove them all wrong!

And so he, KDR, made Fibre 1.0, a mod with no relation to Total Annihilation economics of any kind.


Starting with a Citadel, you generated a field of charge within which to build more buildings. This energy could be extended using nodes. You could then power buildings and defences within your territory to build and defend units to destroy enemy nodes, and eventually destroy their citadel.

Once the citadel is gone, all the connected nodes fail, resulting in an end game scenario.

See the fibre forum thread here

Download The Fibre game for spring here

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