AI Realtime Strategy Shard Spring

Shard v0.1

I’ve a new project to announce! Something I’ve been researching for a while related to University, and NTai’s successor. I call it Shard.

Blog Spring

Content Maladies

Expand spring expand EXPAND!!! In to the cosmos of the tinternetz, clog up those tubes with weasels, no zakus, no armored assault shells, no storm troopers yes storm troopers! On delta siege dry! Now wouldn’t that be wonderful? Its hardly appropriate but its nothing compared to what is actually happening.

Realtime Strategy Spring

Fibre 1.0

An arguement was brewing over spring mods and the chain and ball that was the OTA resource model. Some declared the OTA resource model as holding back all mods in the spring engine, whereas some thought that this was nonsense.


Glest Multiplayer Support

Its seems martinho & co have been busy over at and have released an alpha build of version 3.