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Having the ugly distorted spring logo on my desktop for a while next to the pretty AFLobby and Spring Lobby icons, I knew I needed to do something about it. So I redid the spring icon, and Satirik adopted the icon, and made a new splash screen to suite.

This is all fine and dandy untill you realise that not all is good and fine:

  1. There’s already a project called ‘Spring Lobby’ which you can visit here.
  2. The icon is identical to that of spring.exe.
  3. It encourages the confusion of new users who can’t distinguish between tasclient and spring itself.
  4. It doesn’t give satirik and betalord due credit (a side effect of the above item) as new users immediately assume the spring developers made the program, and not that the program is a project in it’s own right.
  5. It isn’t exactly original.

So I set out to remedy this as shown below:

TASC Splash Logo

And the accompanying icon as shown here:
TASClient icon

These are unofficial at the moment, and I hope satirik likes them enough to use them in his next version ^_^. There’s a second icon available that’s similar, but in my opinion it’s not as good, but I put it in, just in case someone disagrees.

Get TASClient images and icons here


I made a few modifications to the 16×16 version of the icons to make them prettier after some feedback from betalord :

TTiny tasclient 1 Tiny TASClient 2

Get TASClient Images and Icons v2 here

4 replies on “TASClient Image work”

The email bit is a bit annoying…

anyway, I like what you did there with the logo for the little load screen thing-ie. Can you kill some of that empty space above and below the main text? It seems a bit of a waste. Or at least put something in the lower right and upper left. It just feels lonely on the top and bottom.

yah, antispam akismet stuff

If it were put in, there’d be the loading progress text at the bottom. I suppose I could make the text and logo fill the top part but then it’d look wierd all stretched.

Sadly Satirik finds blue and red gradients offensive.

In the end satirik took great offence and devised his own replacements.

Ironically they seem to fulfill the original goal of my new artwork so its a win-win situation for me.

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