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AFLobby beta

Rather than go the full hog and do beta 4 and release after xmas, I thought I’d better fix what was wrong here and now and push it out.

And here it is, beta 3.9.8, all the mantis bugs listed have been corrected, all those bugs that people kept coming back to in the last few weeks with 3.9.7 are gone.

But this isn’t just a bug fix release! I’ve also added a command line parameter, gotten rid of the coloured table rows people complained about, and now the battle table is now fully sortable, all columns movable. That’s not all, there’s a new right click menu enabled on the battle list that allows you to filter out battles based on their status.

As always, Linux users set your file paths in settings, and windows users extract into your spring folder.

EDIT:: a bug was found with script.txt and spring not liking AiDLL versus AIDLL. That and one where not all mods where loaded.

AFLobby beta (zip)

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