Springs Christmas week In Pictures (Part I)

Here is the week leading up to Christmas in picture form!

First off, fnordia popped in and updated phpbb to version 3. A discussion has since broke out over broken BB tags and font sizes. I personally believe they’re non-issues. Suffice to say phpbb 3 is far better:

PHPBB Spring forums

Argh faces scrutiny over team colours. He’s released 2 more version of P.U.R.E to correct bugs and enhance team colours! New explosion effects were added in for good measure:

Masure posted old news in the art forum, having rediscovered prometheus grounds a few weeks too late. (Its recommended you read the prometheus spawning grounds blog post in the artwork category). In light of the non-revelation, Treeform posted a work in progress model based on a bomber design:

Noize handed out the presents in his new remake of comet catcher entitled ‘Christmas Comet’

Revel in Masures non-revelation
Launch bombing raids with gifts on Christmas Comet
See Arghs team coloured assault shells
Complain about broken BBcode

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