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AFLobby 3.9.9+ Progress & Glest

Recently I’ve had a little more time than usual with aflobby. Of note are a slew of bug fixes and glest support.

I’ve corrected numerous aesthetic issues, including icons that stretch tabs, and windows that are still undecorated such as the warning window. The bundled Substance has been updated to 4.1 stable, and I’ve made other GUI tweaks to make minor improvements.

I will make clear that 3.9.9 will not support the svn protocol changes unless spring is released before 3.9.9.

Glest Support?

Indeed, with the recent Glest 3 multi player alphas there’s been some talk over glest lobbies. Sadly martinho tried out the wrong lobby program and was repulsed by tasclient, resulting in official support being dropped. Nonetheless, unofficial support started. Hailstone has been working on patching glest to give external lobby support, and I can announce that the aflobby side support is now completed, and sitting in the spring svn.

So what does this involve?

Glest games in the lobby will use the ‘Glest’ mod to identify them from spring based games. Battles will then move into a battle room before the host launches the glest battle set-up screen. Details such as team numbers, spectator modes, maps or battle status are all to be ignored. Chat, player joins, exits, kicks, locks and launches are all that are needed.

More updates

I’ve also removed the html control with the clunky html tables on the player list tab. Instead it now uses a table control, so the whole thing is much faster and prettier.


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