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I did say I would add a few twists to my file hosting to set it apart didn’t I?! Well I’m not sure how unique this is, not that it matters, but I have solved a problem faced by spring for years.

People like smoth have spent hours uploading mini maps, countless pictures, fields to fill in, requests for authors to modify things. Then, horrifically, it all gets washed away when someone makes a typo or the site goes down and needs to eb restored. Well now there’s an open way of adding and updating content descriptions, adding sub pages, sub categories, links, howtos, all in wiki form. That’s right, each and every file has its own dokuwiki category to play with that anyone registered can modify or amend.

File hosting with wikis

What happens about backup and storage? Dokuwiki and the entire file hosting site is flat file and nice and simple. The entire system can be packed up and shipped somewhere else for storage at a moments notice. The only thing server specific is a handful of path variables in a settings file.

As you may have noticed from the conveniently placed image, I have also added mini maps for spring maps. These mini maps are currently linked from other hosts but I am interested in local copies.

Bandwidth at darkstars has also breached the 1% barrier for the first time ever! To help support the site, I’ve added a small google text advert to the side bar of the main site. Its not particularly needed as I have more than enough bandwidth, but its my aim that over the next 3 years I can reclaim the money I spent and break even, or who knows, buy a better server and boost the download speeds.

Stay tuned for further improvements!

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