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With the recent mess up at Unknown Files and the absence of iamacup, UF has remained down for the last week. In its place has risen 2 new hosts ran by sefidel and JJ, however these are not the best solution and have their own problems.

Licho has also devised an alternative to hosting entirely, by distributing an application that uses p2p torrents, but despite the high potential download speeds and the robustness of p2p, it does have downfalls, such as when all the seeders have gone offline and nobody has the file you want.

I on the other hand have vast amounts of unused bandwidth going to waste every week, more than enough to provide the spring community with the necessary bandwidth to serve files. Thus I have setup a subsite to provide files. Feel free to upload your maps and mods here.

Presenting Darkstars Downloads!

Darkstars Downloads

Updates will be made to the underlying scripts to provide more information and improve reliability. This does not mean I do not support lichos effort either, and I have several projects in line to support both this site and lichos new p2p system.

While JJ and sefidels hosts are assumed to be temporary, my new sub site is not, and I intend to keep it running as long as possible.

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