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Penniless Voices

I have come to the conclusion that voicing grand opinions and schemes on the spring forums is worthless. Having seen the effects of efforts such as neddiedrows campaigns or Arghs vast threads of enlightenment, I have concluded that these efforts to change how people work do not work. They have an effect indeed but the vast majority of people ignore them, and these just happen to be the people that can actually make a difference.


But why is this so? It is my belief that people overvalue their own words and see themselves as an authority when really the vast majority of users couldnt care less. What little attention that’s garnered is meaningless ‘token support’, or aimed at entertaining the poster. I myself have fallen into this trap numerous times and will likely do the same in future without realizing it.

But it does not stop there. Do people really care about caydrs new silicon fetish or how drunk cabbage can pretend he is? Or wether iamacup has more e pills than weed?

So why am I writing this blog post? Am I a hypocrite for contradicting myself? Perhaps, but this message is for those people who buck the trend who actually think their word carries weight when in reality the value of the word has plunged in the spring community. It is time for actions, for opinions are almost worthless.

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“They have an effect indeed but the vast majority of people ignore them”

These people and you have some influence. A leader with influence needs to create disciples or pupils with those he can influence. Nobody in the spring community has created disciples or pupils to do work under a wise leader. I dont have a problem with a person thinking his words have weight, but rather, i have a problem with people with ego trips. If all the devs got together to form a super project, something wonderful could be made, but i highly doubt the devs could get past each other egos to do such a task. It is up to people who do not have such egos to work together and do something great.

The question is, who can step up and be the wise leader, who creates pupils and disciples to help him manage and steer the ship out of danger? Right now, there are too many captains, not enough sailors, and to many passengers.

AF, I am not sure what you are saying but when I clarified one of argh’s great wisdom posts, you know the one where he told us that spring team color is done via additive blend it took the better part of the day to make him see the correction so he would edit his wisdom to be correct. What have I missed? I don’t understand your post..

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