The Nameless Coursework

I keep alluding to some mysterious coursework due in thursday of this week. To silence the continuous background chatter of why can’t you do this that or those I present this lonesome screenshot:

Yes that is a pokemon diamond tile set (1024×2048 image too (shhh! damned powers of two)), and yes its running under Vista! It’s a top-down rpg written in C++ and OpenGL. Those maps are created using the Tiled java map editor tool which you can find here, and then parsed in as xml by the game at runtime.

But suffice to say my workload has increased since half the initial group has dropped out of the course and I now only have one partner left to work with. Everyone appears to be behind as are we, although I have the added advantage fo writting NTai before I started the course.

For those wondering what sort of a coursework this is, it may be news that I’m in my second year of a degree course, Bsc Hons Computer Games Technology at Liverpool John Moores University! I shall not go into further detail on the games storyline or the internals of how it actually works due to academic rules.

It may also be of interest that NTai is being use for academic purposes in some institutions, I shant say where or which, but for anyone in such a situation keep in mind that I do respond to queries as best I can, and an email or two is always welcome. Also keep in mind that I do make changes to the svn copy of NTai, and that the version last released is not quite the latest. The version in the spring SVN has various tweaks and optimisations.

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