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Spring Logo MkII

A while ago I posted a set of concept spring logos I termed ‘The Orange Logo’, and mentioned that I intended to revamp the red logo. I had some ideas and some qualms with the original red logo I devised for the spring icons, namely the blurry un-clearness of the sun logo itself. I also felt the background gradient could be improved as well.

To this end I decided if I ever did this I would use the AF avatar I created styled on the original design. As you can see by looking at the ‘Before’ below you can see a distinct difference in the colour and the crisp outlines of the text, whereas the sun logo was poorly rendered in my original rendition. In light of neuralizes new attempt at wrestling the logo crown and a surprising amount of support for the original logo, I’ve returned and made improvements as I outlined above. Below you can see a before and after:


And After

It’s a vast improvement, and goes well with the blue background of the new site. This colour scheme is something I’m interested in exploiting for new installer artwork, and to create more artwork. I intend to follow up this blog post at a later date with details on how to reproduce the logo, the exact colours, photo shop PSD files, and a selection of files for use.

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