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Third Generation Spring Logo

They have arrived, 33MB of Photoshop and PNG images, spring engine banners, icons, all in higher quality renders, crisper sunbursts, and cleaner lines.

The spring engine is an opensource free 3D RTS game engine. It runs under windows and linux and has a lot of features, such as supreme commander style strategic zoom, and a lot of content.I built the current icons for the project, btu lately I’ve been experimenting and working!

Some of you have seen the Orange logo, and thought that was the next set of logos, but you were mistaken! They were a side branch, a concept, and although the orange logos looked pretty at large resolutions, they fell apart when scaled to 16×16 or 32×32, which is unacceptable. There was not enough contrast and too much detail. These icons however have much greater contrast and stronger lines.

Support for full 256×256 PNG icons under Vista has been fixed, vector Sub bursts have been used rather than enlarging low resolution sunbursts, and a basic approach has been taken towards their rendition. The gradient behind the sunburst was made more subtle and given a richer red colour and a greater saturation, and the sub burst itself was given a golden orange outer glow. A blue border was added inspired by the colour scheme of the new site, and the other icons were totally redesigned based on these ideas.

The SDZ and SDZ7 icons were not remade, the spring development team did not like them and decided not to use them, so it is suggested that they use the same icon as the Archiver tool. A new addition has been made too, the installer now has a customized icon aswell as new installer art. Once again the ‘button’ for the top panel of the installer was not remade as it was not used in the previous generation of icons.

Why are these 3rd generation some of you may ask? I say 3rd generation because this is the 3rd set of icons and logos used, the second being my red icons and the first being the original logo SJ picked out in 2005. As the sun logo has evolved it has seen various incarnations and many attempts to displace it. Neuralizes recent community initiative started with the intention of standardizing the logo and creating a more coherent face for spring, and I believe that these logos do that. By using the same colour schemes as the new site design I have devised a full spectrum of artwork from fanart to site design to the installer to the executable icons themselves. I can see these designs easily transferred to T-shirts, coffee mugs, or pens and pencils

I have included various banner and overlays which can be used to brand images and promotional media to show “This came from the spring engine”, and you can see two such examples below kindly provided by smoth. As you can see from these examples the logo scales well.


Aside from being used to brand promotional artwork and screenshots, there are banners available and buttons for websites to use when linking to the spring engine website.

As mentioned before, Icon files, Photoshop files and PNG source images are provided. All images are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales licence and credits are given where necessary in the readme.txt

Download Here (Zip 22Mb)

Visit The Spring Website

View The Design Logo Specifications

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Im really liking what ur doing here. Keep up the good work.

(My type in two words were: Affair – Applause. Made me laugh.)

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