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Fnordias new TV

For a few hours now, the spring website has been down. Attempts to connect are met with network timeout errors. Users can join a temporary lobby server at running under aegis’ new uberserver. You can find smoths FGJL forums on the links page.

It is in this temporary lobby server that I came upon the revelation that the entire spring site and server are ran off of a home entertainment PC in fnordias living room. I have thus formulated a theory as to why the spring site has gone down.

My theory is that fnordia has bought a new TV. When installing the new TV he unplugged it as you do, unwittingly unplugging the home entertainment PC that so loyally plays DVDs, records TV, and serves up the spring website and the rest of the spring lobby server. Perhaps the instruction manual is particularly cumbersome? Maybe fnordia cant lift his new TV onto the stand? Maybe he unplugged his TV and moved it out the way, and is currently shopping for its replacement?

Lets take a look at what TVs fnordia may have purchased. It could look like this Samsung 52″ flatscreen:


Do you know of any special offers? Can you suggest a better TV?

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