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Kaempfer Zeon Mobile Suit

I’ve been assembling yet another model, and this time it’s a Kaempfer!

An advanced mobile suit of the principality of Zeon, its the second model Ive built, with the first being a Tristar black Zaku mobile suit. the MS-18E Kaempfer or Kämpfer is German for ‘fighter’, and featured as a principality of Zeon mobile suit in the pocket war. A high maneuverability heavily armed suit, designed for hit and run  fast strike attacks, relying on varied weaponry causing massive damage followed by a quick escape,

Here are some photos I took:

After numerous attempts by my little sister to join in, I took the kaempfer and all its weaponry into work, along with some zaku bazookas and a machine gun+axe.

As you can see they’ve been reunited and currently sit on my desk at work complete with weaponry!

For the full album of photos, look here on facebook!

See here for the Zaku model construction album

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