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BattleHub Signoff

People have been asking what’s going on, and when they’ll see battlehub released, but things arent that simple.I shall outline here what happened and what’s happening.

During the tests I ran into problems with architecture and decided to refactor. I pushed out a number of builds ot testers and wrote a small deployment tool. Part of this refactor was to separate out the core of the lobby into an SDK library. This allowed me to re-architect the  code very quickly, but as a result battlehub became incompatible with its own library. Judging by the relative difference in quality of code and architecture I decided to restart the majority of the lobby systems using a more modular approach as was originally intended. This system would be better than ever, easy to develop for, and quicker to build.

Sadly though I lacked the time to pull it off in any real time-scale. I had too many projects on board as shown by the slow and patchy maintenance of other projects such as NTai. With the rage quitting of satirik and tasclient falling into disrepute, and the officialdom of springlobby, for whom some it is unstable and alien, this would seem a perfect opportunity to patch up the battlehub test builds for prime time, but I do not wish to push out a half built project. Nor do I wish to spend the necessary time on it right now.

So, for the time being, battlehub is on indefinite hold. At some point in the future I will need a program such as battlehub for reasons unconnected to the spring community, but that could well be years off, 2010/2011 even, so I will not make any promises or say that I will return within a certain time-scale. I have introduced quite a number of ideas to lobby development and worked with some great people, but for now I am to retire. Springlobby can seize the crown for the moment, whether it rises ot the challenge or becomes the new failclient who knows?

If anybody is interested in the SDK code or in battlehub development, please contact me, my details are on the about page of this site.

In conjunction with that, the theme of freezing projects and such continues. I will nto be taking part in any new projects within the spring community, and those projects I have will be looked at further. This site remains a priority, as does NTai. Some people may question whether this is true or not, but NTai is for the most part one of the more impressive pieces of my portfolio and I am saddened that it is in the state it is right now. For as long as it holds that status it will be maintained until pushed off the top spot by a more impressive project of equal or greater completion. NTai Toolkits future is uncertain, as the tool may become obsoleted by a new implementation, or a new simpler more maintainable/flexible configuration format

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