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NTai XE10

It’s here its here its here!!! Errm what is it?

Why its XE10 of course! The latest and greatest NTai! This release brings NTai back to the modern spring engine, and introduces huge refactors and code rewrites and re-arrangements. These architectural changes should make NTai behave a lot more sensibly, and increase stability immensely.


To grab NTai XE10 source code, do the following:

git clone ntai
git checkout XE10

You’ll find toolkit and NTai source code are on github.

Report NTai bugs here

Download XE10 here

Included is an XTA configuration file and a basic generic configuration file. It will play BA but at the moment it does not play competitively, and there is no custom made BA config file to improve gameplay.

Read more about NTai here

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