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New Server Announced

After almost 2 years of drinking Espresso, Licho has grown tired. The Espresso machine, an upgrade to the stifling Internet Fridge server of the Fnordia years, was hoped to be a return to the good old days when the Spring Engine website was hosted on an early Smart TV that played re-runs of Ugly Betty.

Sadly, the only mess the espresso created was a brown stain on Forboding Angels otherwise pristine white walls. Having come down from his high, Lichos spokesman Knorke revealed that he is in the process of moving to a new machine, and one with much improved timing.


Technical specifications of the new Teasmade include enough memory to hold 3 standard cups of Earl Grey Tea, 12 hour continuous display, and a Mega Arduino cpu powering a state of the art nightlight.

The calming effects of tea, coupled with a mono-timezone display are intended to help soothe firey forum rhetoric. The built in alarm is part of a new marketing attempt to wake up the sleeping masses under the tagline “Spring Engine, now with games”.

Arguments broke out at the news over which variety of Tea bag should be installed. A meeting will be held in a months time to decide the issue, until which a new brand of Tea will be made available each day.

After the dramatic failure of the robotic sea lion to catch Lichos eye in 2011, Japanese innovators faced falling stocks, and had prepared a Robot Schoolgirl riding a bicycle in hopes of replacing the espresso machine in 2014 as the primary server.


Recent trial runs with the Megaglest community however indicate perpetual password reset issues

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