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How do I get NTai or AFLobby?

I keep getting asked “where do I download the latest xyz?”

And I say it isnt quite that simple. So Ill explain how and why in 2 sections:


Update: AFLobby development has been discontinued and is no longer available.

This is one of the easiest. Look in the big aflobby thread in the linux forum on the main spring forums, and it’ll have the latest official build in the header. Look in the first post or look at the last post and work backwards.

If you manage to get aflobby running and start it up, it’ll automatically check my website to see if there are any newer versions and popup a window with a changelog and a download link.

If you wan’t the very latest bleeding edge version or a version with a bugfix for a newly found bug or a small feature request, you may find a newer development version in the channel topic of #aflobby once you’ve logged in, or you can directly ask me. I have my build setup to automatically zip up aflobby ready to be handed out everytime I compile new code, and generating installers is very easy for me. Just don’t ask everyday.

If you want to stay at the very very latest aflobby with all the fancy new features, you can find aflobby in /trunk/lobbies/aflobby/ as a netbeans 6 project in the spring SVN. You can find links to the spring SVN in a sticky in their development forum.


This is where things might get problematic. Latest NTai hasnt been stable in a long time. I learnt a lot of stuff doing NTai and with age its become bloated in the code at times. That combined with a long run of bad luck with compilers and profiling tools means that there’re crashbugs and a longrunning lag issue that creeps in. The source of the latter issue has yet to be identified.

So while I’m rewritting and refactoring old code to try and keep things as tidy as possible to help squash bugs and improve the code readability, time has ticked by and the old user base is wondering where NTai has gone?

If you really need NTai you can find it in the spring svn in /trunk/AI/Global/NTai/AI/ where there should be a Visual Studio 2005 project and a codeblocks project. They may need minor modifications to make them work (the pure svn versions are specific to my system in one or two minor values). If you can’t compile yourself you’re best asking me for a copy personally however I doubt that anything I give you will actually work atm as it is probably a highly experimental build I haven’t finished fiddling with yet.

Alternatively you can look in my 700+ page NTai thread on the spring forums in the AI section, but I dont post binaries regularly so don’t rely on anything.

If you aren’t going to develop with NTai and your just a player who wan’ts an AI then you won’t find anything. When NTai becomes stable and the lag bug is squished Ill gather up all the configs and release an installer, and that’s when everyone can go hooray NTai! But untill then the average user has little business messing with NTai unless they want to learn the tricks of the trade and have an active interest.

Everything else

You can look in the project section of this site! To do this look up in the top menu!

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