Facebook Hurrah!

An old friends from secondary school has been pestering people with the word ‘facebook‘ and one by one I’ve watched all my old friends succumb to it. I’ve always wondered why I would ever bother with social networking sites like myspace or bebo, especially when the revelation that of all in my family only my mum had facebook, my web whore sisters shunned it =(.

But I caved in recently and signed up. And all was good! I have 11 friends so far online and a load of people I havent gone looking for yet (hmm maybe I should just add everyone on the mosslands group).

My initial facebook profile

So now I must decide wether I want to make my profile overflow with cocktail and ‘Am I hot’ widgets ( ‘Applications’ ), customize everything with applications I write myself, or just add as many people to my friends list as I can. I’m split over wether I should add in a Super Wall as everyone says its great what with videos and picture support, but when I look at them they’re usually full of chainmail images >_>. I have managed to integrate this site into it though through wordbook.

Dibs to Tom Mc’Carron for being the first friend who sent a request rather than receiving one. Poor Ian, Mr. Alderhowe beat you to it.

Is it me or is there a severe lack of spring developers and modders in the spring group on facebook?

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