AFLobby lobby development

AFLobby beta 3.9.6

Here is a new AFLobby release!

My treks into linux land with ubuntu 7.04, have yielded great improvements in AFLobbies overall stability and usability. Lots of new things have been added fixed and tweaked since beta 3.5, and this is by far one of the best AFLobby releases by far.

Highlights include

  • SpringSP and Settings++ Integration support.
  • Improved settings page UI, complete with a startup page with better descriptions and shortcuts.
  • Chat pane optimizations, and other profiler based speedups.
  • To show the user that the lobby hasnt hanged or crashed when logging in, a happy tree friends animation is played just above the loading bar.
  • New Substance theme (raven graphite) and password strength checkers, including an update to the latest version fo the Substance library.
  • Greater looknfeel support, and a switch from substance to native looknfeel as default. People always choose the native app over the one that doesnt fit in.
  • Basic chat text colour customization on top of the existing text highlighting.
  • The ability to move the battle list underneath the main tabs like in tasclient. This can be seen in the previous blog post about aflobby progress.
  • Vastly improved raw traffic window.
  • Experimental ladder integration. Ladder games played will be reported to a temporary ladder site not the official ladder site due to the experimental nature of this code.
  • Reduced Colour picker memory usage, most colour pickers show in a popup dialog rather than being blown up and resized to the main window, which takes up a lot of memory
  • Proper UI control spacing. No more tasclient style buttons up against the window borders, it looks prettier too!
  • Better system font face and scaling support
  • The main window is no longer the undecorate blue square and has proper window borders and title bars to fit into the desktop theme.


Get zip here!

Or a deb package here

Requires Sun Java 6. On your first run open settings and set the paths for settings++/settings.exe unitsync.dll/so and spring(.exe) and then restart the lobby.

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