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Shard 0.25

This release is mainly maintenance, and bug fixes, as well as minor performance improvements. I’ve also added new API functions and call outs!

AFLobby Glest lobby development Spring

AFLobby Beta 4.2

Not many changes here aside from a few minor tweaks inspired by gota, and a bugfix for the registration page crash reported on the glest forums.  An installer has also been uploaded. Edit :: Since darkstars lost all its files not long ago Ive decided not to put this version back up as I think […]

AFLobby Glest lobby development Spring

AFLobby Beta 4.1 & Glest

Aside from a few minor aesthetic tweaks to make her and there such as glest logos on glest battles to make them easier to pick out, AFLobby is pretty much ready to go. With the new Glest 3.1.1 supporting command line parameters, what a better time to go?

AFLobby lobby development Spring

AFLobby Beta 4

A long overdue release with a lot of fixes, and new additions, including support for lua and map options. AFLobby beta 4 Installer AFLobby beta 4 zip

AFLobby Blog Glest lobby development Spring

AFLobby beta 3.9.9-4 experimental

The recent update to 0.76b1 has introduced several protocol changes. One such change that wreaks havoc on the current stable AFLobby is the introduction of two new ranks with make AFLobby crash almost immediately. The other change is the introduction of SETSCRIPTTAGS and the deprecation of UPDATEBATTLEDETAILS. AFLobby and several alpha versions of 3.9.9 […]

NTai Realtime Strategy Spring

NTai and 0.76B1

For a brief window after the release of 0.76b2 there was a compatible NTai being built by buildbot that everyone could have used. Despite the window lasting 4-5 days nobody bothered except me, and it is now too late to find svn versions of NTai that still work with the current release of spring. But […]

AI NTai Spring

NTai SVN package

I’m releasing an svn build of NTai XE9.8+ for people wanting to use P.U.R.E in skirmish mode, and for general testing. Included is an updated NTai Toolkit. This will not work with 0.75b2.

Artwork Realtime Strategy Spring


Due to unforeseen circumstances, Argh has fallen on bad times. He has started a thread on the spring forums explaining his troubles and asking for advice. Since he now needs to find a new job he has temporarily stopped working on P.U.R.E and has released his current version for all to see! In conjunction with […]

AFLobby Spring

AFLobby beta

Rather than go the full hog and do beta 4 and release after xmas, I thought I’d better fix what was wrong here and now and push it out.

Realtime Strategy TA3d

TA3D 0.4.1 Released

0.4.1 has been released. New users be sure to pull out your old TA cds (or torrent them because you got scratches), TA3D needs an OTA (original total annihilation) install.