AFLobby lobby development Spring

AFLobby Beta 3.9.7

This is a bug fix stability patch, however its highly reccomended.

Changes include:

  1. A fix for auto login crashing
  2. A fix for a map list loading crash
  3. Updated links on initial login page
  4. Added buttons linking to the bug tracker for reporting errors
  5. Disabled the replay site button as it appears to be down
  6. A fix for jittery channels
  7. Options to turn on and off flags and ranks in ‘xyz joined channel/battle’ messages
  8. The colour picker in the skirmish AI tab of the battle window now uses the popup colour picker to save memory.

Windows users must install to their spring directory.

Dont forget to go into settigns and set the paths to unitsync.dll/so and spring on your first run.

Download AFLobby beta 3.9.7 zip

Download AFLobby beta 3.9.7 ubuntu .deb package

Special thanks to rcdraco, overkill and relative for reporting the bugs and helping, and relative for generating a deb package.

4 replies on “AFLobby Beta 3.9.7”

Then you’ll want to get the debian package, assuming your in a debian based distro.

Once you’ve installed it (and Sun java 6), you’ll want to start it up, then go into settings and set the paths for unitsync and spring (I want to automate this file paths part in beta 4 on first run).

Once you’ve installed it, and set up the paths for spring, you should be ready to go! Click login, type your user name in (or register a new one), and your ready to go.

OMG… I’ve last used AF lobby few months age and it was crap. it lagged heavily and crashed sometimes. It was early beta. Now it is not so early beta. many features appeared.
BUT… channel list ltill crashes it out=))
still its the only bug i found so far.

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