Artwork Spring Total Annihilation

Prometheus Grounds TA

Modellers and texturers in the spring community have been remodelling the Total Annihilation units to bring them up to modern standards. An example of this is the core slasher remodel and texture, the latest in a long line of high quality units from Mr.D, which is shown on the right.


Every few weeks someone links to a picture showing TA unit redesign concept art. Nobody is quite sure where it came from or wether it lead to anything.

However with a little digging I’ve been able to contact the person who hosted these. Based on existing fan art that has since been lost, Niklas Jansson, of Prometheus Spawning Grounds, heavily redesigned the work which resulted in whats been floating around the spring forum the last 2 years. The work apparently does not live up to his expectations, and he has put up a blurb about iT on his site with more imagery.

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