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Springs Christmas week In Pictures (Part II)

Christmas has passed, and the 0.76 release did not come, but I have it on good authority a release will happen before or on new years day under the best of circumstances. Unabated by the delay of the much anticipated release, content makers have been busying themselves in hopes their frantic typing and screaming will […]

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CA Concept Art

Things have been rolling along over at CA like a tank on a sugar rush. Amidst all that sherbet saktoth and his brother have done some concept art. There’s also the usual array of artwork for the CA logo and it’s many combinations. See more concept art here Visit the CA Trac site here

Artwork Spring Total Annihilation

Prometheus Grounds TA

Modellers and texturers in the spring community have been remodelling the Total Annihilation units to bring them up to modern standards. An example of this is the core slasher remodel and texture, the latest in a long line of high quality units from Mr.D, which is shown on the right.