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Future Intentions 2008

Here Ill outline what i want to accomplish in the coming months. Ill explain a little of my situation, the status of my project and their most likely fate.

AFLobby lobby development

AFLobby Progress

I have been implementing the new protocol specifications, and correcting GUI issues since my last post. Sadly I have not been paying spring as much attention as usual but thats due to University, and impending coursework deadline monopolizing my time among other things.

AFLobby Glest lobby development Spring

AFLobby 3.9.9+ Progress & Glest

Recently I’ve had a little more time than usual with aflobby. Of note are a slew of bug fixes and glest support. I’ve corrected numerous aesthetic issues, including icons that stretch tabs, and windows that are still undecorated such as the warning window. The bundled Substance has been updated to 4.1 stable, and I’ve made […]