New Year Spring in pictures (final)

A new version of spring later, this post has been overdue! And another long release overdue would be caydrs new AA version which is in indefinite development, but he has released a partial changelog and several screenshots of his work:

Jk released numerous lua code updates including this piece of magic, a lua depth shader:

Sitting Duck Arrived with a Setons Clutch remake from Supreme Commander, having never seen the previous remake named Supreme Battlefields:

aGorm, not one to be left out, posted new screenshots of his next map in the tree autogeneration thread:

The spring 1944 project released content in the 0.76b1 update too, after a very long period of intense development:

S44 tanks

Play the Caydrphone with AA
Unfocus your viewfinder with JKs shaders
Try Setons Clutch
Look at aGorms map and the tree thread
Goto the Spring 1944 website

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