NTai and 0.76B1

For a brief window after the release of 0.76b2 there was a compatible NTai being built by buildbot that everyone could have used. Despite the window lasting 4-5 days nobody bothered except me, and it is now too late to find svn versions of NTai that still work with the current release of spring.

But have no fear! I have repackaged NTai with the downloaded bianry for windows, along with toolkit and all the configuration files necessary.

You can find it here:

Download NTai for 0.76b1

2 Responses to “ NTai and 0.76B1 ”

  1. Thanks for the release! Will you release it for linux too?

    Thanks again.


  2. Sadly I haven’t the means to release an ntai.so, you’ll either have to badger the debian package maintainers, or compile it from svn.

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