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After the disastrous day at SCEE where upon my return to work the kaempfer had been damaged, requiring dissasembly, I have made fixes!

As some of you might know, I placed my Zaku and Kaempfer on my desk at work, leading to such pictures as the Zaku prophet, and the Zeon Cavalry photos. So I was ill and took a week off work and upon my return I find both mobile suits doing heil hitlers over the side of the desk. In attempting to reposition them I noticed that the kaempfers arm had become dislodged and required taking apart and re-assembling ( leading to another photo and a mass mail which went to the whole building accidentally ). I also found out the joint connecting the torso and the hip was damaged, resulting in it snapping when I tried to place the kaempfer in its new pose.

Now thanks to smoths advice, I have fixed it! To celebrate the Kaempfers triumphant return to health, a procession of Zeon Cavalry is in order! Here we can see the Zaku and kaempfer, riding their pwnys for epic win:

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