AI Realtime Strategy Shard Spring

Shard v0.1.2

A number of tweaks additions and changes to 0.1, and some extra support!
  • game:FileExists() now works correctly
  • game:SendToContent(string) added, communication with lua gadgets is now possible
  • unit:MoveAndFire() added
  • unit:Build now returns a boolean success if true, failure if false
  • Taskqueue behaviour bugs squished with some idle builders
  • A task queue can be a function now
  • A task item in a task queue can be a function now
  • Units can no longer declare themselves recruits twice, fixes a bug in attackhandler
  • Added a basic CA override set for Arm ( Thanks to General Kerr), Shard now beats RAI in CA
  • AttackerBehaviour now uses MoveAndFire instead of Move, this fixes bombers landing in enemy bases

Download here

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