AI Realtime Strategy Shard Spring

Shard 0.21

Another update to Shard! Bugfixes, performance improvements, API additions and much more!

New from 0.2RC1:

  • EvoRTS overrides
  • Ported kernel panic NTai config
  • Support for The Cursed
  • Empty overrides for S44
  • EvoRTS now has behaviours for rebuilding factories that have been destroyed, and making engineers throw up light defence towers when under fire
  • Spacing code adjusted to account for unit size and increased to prevent factory entrance blockage
  • Attack handler bug fixed regarding MoveAndAttack ( Its MoveAndFire!)
  • Attack groups are now initially smaller but the desired group size will now grow and shrink as new gorups are built and units die
  • Attack behaviour and task queue behaviour modified to allow deactivation and activation.
  • Units now have behaviours and can elect a primary active behaviour. For examples of adding custom behaviours, look at the EvoRTS folder.
  • API Units can now attack repair and reclaim other units
  • API Units can return max weapons range now, amongst other things
  • One can now check if A can build B, also incorporated into taskqueuebehaviour
  • Extra safety checks in the API on parameters
  • Added a UnitDamaged Callin

New in 0.21:

  • Added a behaviours.lua, it is no longer necessary to use attackers.lua or for overrides of behaviourfactory.lua
  • Added a defaultbehaviours function to be called when a unit doesnt have a list of behaviours defined
  • Area Reclaim added to the API
  • Behaviours can now query friendly units and map features
  • Improved BA Core taskqueues ( thanks to Kaiser)
  • Improved EvoRTS fixes for latest version ( thanks to Forboding Angel )
  • Improved Cursed task queues ( thanks to Azeremoth )
  • Bug fixes to attackhandler
  • Added an example Auto reclaim behaviour to the EvoRTS files
  • More sanity checks in the Shard API
  • Removed some debug console messages

Download here

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