AI Shard

Shard .29 Spikey

Numerous updates, performance enhancements, and fixes over v0.25, and a new name, what’s more to be desired?

Lets start with vastly improved Evolution RTS gameplay. Working with Foreboding Angel, we’ve improved performance greatly, adding support for newer units, and general efficiency improvements. I’ve also added extra behaviours to prevent massive factory spamming.

Numerous API changes are included as well! A handful of additions, such as unit resource usage are added, and a major change to the existing structure with the addition of a map object, and the movement of numerous API calls to the new object.

Various bugs in 0.25 have also been fixed, and more safe guards are now in place. I have also added extra optimisations, and rebuilt Shard in release mode, meaning a massive performance boost when idle.

You can find the full API listing in the ai/preload/api.lua folder, and I have added a Shard page to my projects section which I will be filling over the next 2 months.

Download here

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