AI Shard Spring

Shard 0.3 Hairy

This isn’t a major release but it does bring some important changes. Greatly improved performance and load balancing is the name of the game.

  • Factories no longer search for build position wasting cpu time
  • Builders are only allowed to move on to a new task one at a time each frame, and will wait up to 10 frames for a free slot before executing their orders anyway to prevent clogging up the internal systems
  • Minor optimizations for extreme cases
  • Basic Conflict Terra gameplay support
  • Debug timers for detecting spikes ( uncomment in ai.lua )
  • Spring 0.82 fixes

These changes should greatly improve performance, and fix Shard under the latest spring release, however there are still momentary spikes in late game. These issues are being worked on. While I reduced these spikes in 0.3, they are still present and I do have ideas on how to smooth things out.

Download here

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