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The new spring mod tags, what they do, and howto use them

All the mods in the installer should have these tags, and as of 0.76b1 the lobbies will have access to them. I personally want to change the list/drop down box mod selector into a much prettier and more useful tool using this, and any old mod not implementing the tags correctly will look plain weird, […]

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CA Concept Art

Things have been rolling along over at CA like a tank on a sugar rush. Amidst all that sherbet saktoth and his brother have done some concept art. There’s also the usual array of artwork for the CA logo and it’s many combinations. See more concept art here Visit the CA Trac site here

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The Spring Delusion Part 1

Recently I bought a lot of books written by Richard Dawkins. I have already read The God Delusion, and seen the 2 documentaries that make up The Root of All Evil, shown on Channel 4 a few years ago.