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AFLobby Progress

I have been implementing the new protocol specifications, and correcting GUI issues since my last post. Sadly I have not been paying spring as much attention as usual but thats due to University, and impending coursework deadline monopolizing my time among other things.

Of note would be the new lua mod and map options. Other lobbies have added these but have made no or little attempt to take advantage of the necessary changes, resulting in perhaps an extra tab as in tasclients case. Whereas I however have decided to take full advantage of this opportunity to breathe a little life into the battlewindow.

Thus I present the beginnings of the new way of setting and viewing game options, lua and nonlua:

AFLobby options

All the nonlua controls will be removed in favour of this approach rather than being left in as cruft for the sake of it. Map and mod options will be distinguishable via icons when completed, and eventually modder definable images for each option. In the far future a search option would be available, but don’t expect a search box for many months just yet.

I currently have checkboxes/boolean options implemented. I now need to tie in lua unitsync functions and create the other option type UIs for the list.

As it stands I have implemented client side support for options so desyncs should not occur, however the visual representation in the list is a todo. Hostside implementation is limited to those items in the list that where in 0.75b2.

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hehe, That was the starting point, the real test is wether the site will be totally redesigned from scratch every 2 months from now till next christmas.

Though I do make small changes every few days, so eventually itll be totally unique

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