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AFLobby beta 3.9.9-4 experimental

The recent update to 0.76b1 has introduced several protocol changes. One such change that wreaks havoc on the current stable AFLobby is the introduction of two new ranks with make AFLobby crash almost immediately. The other change is the introduction of SETSCRIPTTAGS and the deprecation of UPDATEBATTLEDETAILS. AFLobby and several alpha versions of 3.9.9 do not support these new commands, and thus fall apart in the new server protocol environment.

To this end a working version of AFLobby is needed. Support for mod options has been added along with a pretty new GUI page for setting them.

This release is more of an in between of 3.9.9 and beta 4, and you’ll notice many changes.

Numerous UI components have been torn out and replaced with tables which run hundreds of times faster while eliminating rafts of bugs in the process. A lot of internal structures have changed too, increasing stability and overall speed, aswell as other speed ups to prevent the user thinking the program has frozen, such as loading messages on mini maps. The map browser on the main view has been removed as it was a silly thing to have there and added more tabs, the colours on the battles are gone, substance GUI updated, a proper swing window rather than swing controls in an old AWT window, there’re a lot of changes going on.

In other news, I’ve been differentiating this site a little more, so you may see a lot more in the way of blue diagonal stripes. A good dose of css and png transparency goes a long way.

AFLobby beta 3.9.9-4 experimental

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I’ll do something about the stripes, and nir if you get any more recurring errors try running from a command line/shell to get a stack trace for me, but I know about the settings crashbug when first starting and I have fixed that in my own build, and the crash is likely the cause of the second bug.

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