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AFLobby Update

Some of you have been wondering what is happening with AFLobby lately? Well I have not given up hope, and I have made many many changes over the past few weeks. Work has been slow due to examinations and courseworks and the obvious attempts at revision, as well as personal issues, but Im getting there!

AFLobby Glest lobby development Spring

AFLobby Beta 4.2

Not many changes here aside from a few minor tweaks inspired by gota, and a bugfix for the registration page crash reported on the glest forums.  An installer has also been uploaded. Edit :: Since darkstars lost all its files not long ago Ive decided not to put this version back up as I think […]

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File Hosting

With the recent mess up at Unknown Files and the absence of iamacup, UF has remained down for the last week. In its place has risen 2 new hosts ran by sefidel and JJ, however these are not the best solution and have their own problems.

AFLobby lobby development Spring

AFLobby Beta 4

A long overdue release with a lot of fixes, and new additions, including support for lua and map options. AFLobby beta 4 Installer AFLobby beta 4 zip

AFLobby Blog Glest lobby development Spring

AFLobby beta 3.9.9-4 experimental

The recent update to 0.76b1 has introduced several protocol changes. One such change that wreaks havoc on the current stable AFLobby is the introduction of two new ranks with make AFLobby crash almost immediately. The other change is the introduction of SETSCRIPTTAGS and the deprecation of UPDATEBATTLEDETAILS. AFLobby and several alpha versions of 3.9.9 […]

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Orakios Client

A guy who plays in the spring lobby wrote a Java client a while ago since tasclient doesn’t run under Linux/mac natively. He didn’t tell many people and before he could implement the battle protocol, the project was cut, and he went off to university. The client may not be the best thing since sliced […]